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You Can Trust

Bulk CBD of the Highest Quality

We work directly with only the best growers and distributors of 100% organic, industrialized hemp-based CBD to provide the highest quality, independently lab-tested CBD. 

Individualized Attention:
Products Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Our CBD experts work directly with you to determine the best type of CBD to grow your business, delight your customers and exceed your sales projections.

One Focus:
We Only Sell Bulk CBD

We only work with other businesses to provide them the bulk and wholesale CBD needs. We do not compete with our customers, and do not sell retail. 

Delivery Simplified:
We Work Directly With Growers & Distributors

We are not brokers. We are strictly a bulk and wholesale hemp CBD supplier that deals directly with a trusted supply chain of U.S. based growers and distributors.

The Gold Standard:
Quality You Can Trust

All our CBD is comes from natural hemp-based CBD, quality tested in third-party labs with certificates of authenticity, certifying the supply chain. We perform thorough testing with the most reputable labs in the USA. We ensure accuracy, potency, and purity with our stringent quality control process. 

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